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Ar-Rezzak: The Sustainer


Allah Rezzak Allah Hu

The honored Name of Rezzak is one of the giving attributes of Allah. Everything that Allah has created He has provided with this attribute. As this attribute works, all the needs of His creatures are met, and the name of the energy that comes is rizk, sustenance. Rizk has been allotted. Allah says in the Quran, "We have allotted and given the sustenance for each person." If a person believes that his rizk is going to come, then he will never fall into fear and suspicion and he will not get caught up in his ambitions and chase after his rizk. It is, in fact, the rizk that will chase you because Allah is going to give that. Allah, with this attribute of Rezzak, the Provider, works with the esma of Gayyur, the Encourager. He will encourage us because He needs to provide the sustenance for His creations.

Now this rizk is in two forms. One rizk is physical and one is spiritual. The physical sustenance - what you eat and drink, the air that you breathe - keeps your physical body on its feet.  This is called the material or the physical rizk. As long as you are given this you will live and when this is cut, you die. That is why it is Allah who gives the rizk, the sustenance, and a person should never have fear or doubt about his sustenance. No matter where you go, rizk will find you. If you go up to the top of a mountain, if you live there, then still your rizk will come to your feet there because Allah has promised this in the Quran. He does not turn from His word; He does what He says, and so your sustenance will find you wherever you go. This physical sustenance will chase you and will let you live. 

Then there is the spiritual rizk. Allah has created this as well and gives this to you and with this your spirituality lives. For example, to come to spiritual gatherings, to listen to beautiful words, is your spiritual rizk. This will make your iman, your faith, stronger and bring you closer to Allah. For example, the Divine Books, the great books that have come from Allah, so that they can take people on the correct path, commanding the beauty and goodness of Allah, are also your spiritual rizk. You get your physical rizk by working. When you get this sustenance you choose between that which is good and bad. You say, "Let me find that which is good, let me eat that which is good, so that I can live well." You think about this for your wordly life, so you have to think about it for your eternal life. The rizk of the eternal life is also given here and this is revealed by the Divine Books that are sent by Allah. The coming of the Prophets to us is spiritual rizk. They were all the same. None of them have brought a different rizk. They have all spoken to prepare humanity for Allah. Let us gather this spiritual rizk together so that we will go to the eternal life in a healthy way.

Now, we give an example. You open a store and you are making money; your rizk is coming to you and you are using this and you buy good things and you look for things that will give you benefit. To live comfortably you use this rizk. So to gain the spiritual life, you have to follow these spiritual roads and learn this ilm, this knowledge, and grow with this rizk. Allah created this rizk to be of benefit to people. Allah has created  everything for the benefit of human beings. For example, the animal has its rizk. The animal eats, the animal breeds, and all of its physical sustenance is provided. And Allah also allows it, through his esma of Rezzak, to grow and to live, and by gathering its physical rizk it is trying to find its spiritual rizk. And how is it going to find its spiritual sustenance?  For us to find it, we read the Divine Books, we follow the roads of the Prophets and by giving ourselves to this specialness we gather spiritual sustenance.  And for them, these animals, to gather their spiritual sustenance, they serve human beings with their meat, with their milk, with their skin, with the medication that they are going to give.  There are some animals that are very valuable in medicine; they give benefit to human beings. Medicine is made, tests are made, and their service is in this way for humanity. They gather their spiritual rizk in this way and when they enter into a human being with a Divine metamorphosis they are elevated to a higher state.

If we know this esma of Rezzak, then our submission to Allah will increase, we will not fall into fear, and we will not fall into suspicion or doubt. Before Allah created us, He created this and wrote this into our notebooks. This is called lehva mahfuz. There our rizk is known. Every breath that you take is a rizk. The number of these are written in this lehva mahfuz. Because their numbers are known, definite, before this sustenance ends let us use them well. When the rizk of the breath is finished, then the journey of death begins and so this breath is also a rizk and this mind that Allah has given is also a rizk. However well we can use these provisions, then our physical and spiritual lives will increase to that extent. Allah Rezzak, Allah Hu.

This is our spiritual rizk. We come here every week and we take rizk from here and this spiritual rizk is worship. This brings us close to Allah, this gives ashk, endless love, to the hearts of people, and with this people can live in peace. If we cannot get this rizk, then everything will change and then instead of love, enmity will start.  So however much of this spiritual sustenance we can get, that is how much our beauty will increase and we will be dost with each other. This is the allotment of the esma of Rezzak. 

Allah Rezzak, Allah Hu.