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Al-Muksit: The Equitable One


The esma of Muksit is one of the 99 Names or attributes of Allah. It is an attribute that shows that the Creator Allah has created everything in a proper and fitting way and dispenses everything with fairness and equity. Now we are going to do the teffekür, the contemplative meditation, of this esma, and insha’Allah after the teffekür we will try to explain it.

You know that the 99 esmas are the attributes of Allah, but they work on the human being, and one of these is the attribute of Muksit. Allah the Creator has created the endeavors and the actions of everything that He has created in balance and in harmony. He has created it in such a harmony, that He has dispensed to everything that He has created according to its Hak, its allotment or share. This is one of the greatest attributes that shows His compassion and His mercy, because this dispensing is done through His justice and His compassion. He has met everybody's needs according to their share. And He doesn't lose anybody's work. Whatever anyone needs, He will give his share, his allotment in a beautiful way. Nobody's share passes to another. Everyone gets their rizk, their allotment, according to this dispensation. 
I will give an example. Allah created the eye, and He's given it such conformity that He has made it able to see everything of goodness and beauty. He has given the ear, and He has dispensed the ability to hear to it. And they have established such a harmony with conforming to the outside that they do not disrupt one another; they all complete each other, and they live within balance. 

No one can come up against the other. Whatever falls to you in the disbursing, you have to live with that. The duty that befalls us here is not to disrupt this balance, and in order to let this goodness and beauty live, in the same way that Allah dispenses, we also have to dispense among each other. We are not to take each others' rights away, and the words that we speak have to be in balance and in harmony with the actions that we perform. For example, if our words are one, and our action is another, then the balance is disrupted. Allah didn't create in this way. And He is allowing us to make this attribute work in us in this way so that we can do the disbursing among people with our justice, mercy and compassion. 

Whatever comes, as much as is possible, we have to work correctly. We're not to infringe on each other's rights, and we should try to protect each other in a spiritual and material way. Because within this dispensing of Allah, there is also protection--His watchfulness. He has created everything in such a harmony that when we look at it, we see that everything serves one, everything is within one balance, and everything is showing the existence of one goodness and beauty. There is nothing that is separate.
Every dispensation has been established within this harmony, meaning that everything is doing its duty in its place and in its time. He created your hand, and He has dispensed the energy to your hand in such a way that the goodness and beauty that your hand can give, for example, the foot cannot. And the energy that has been dispensed to your foot has not been given to another part of you. But the unity within this dispensing is in such a balance that all of their service is to one place, and in one way. They all come out into the open in a beautiful harmony. 

Let me give an example. There is an instrument which we call the saz or lute; it has five or six strings on it, and it has frets, all different ones. Each fret, according to its dispensation, gives a different energy, and we call these notes. When we start to play, they give a sound in harmony--all of their notes are different, the energy that was dispensed to them is different, but the one song that comes out shows one service. All those notes don't give different sounds; they all serve the one song. Now this is a very simple example, but everything that Allah created is in this way. Everything in one harmony, with the same balance, all serving one place. And the duty we have is not to disrupt this balance, and to use everything that is created in its time and place. 
In the same way that when you are going to be building a building, you use all of the material in its time and place; for example, you don't put gravel in the lime, or you don't put wood into the cement. Everything that is needed in the building, you dispense in such a way: you do it with justice, and you figure their balance, and you don't mix them with one another, so that the harmony in the dispensing which you are going to be doing is beautiful. But if you are not able to establish this balance, if its harmony is not beautiful, then that building will collapse. And it is here that you have to show your justice and your compassion, and the dispensing which you do has to be done accordingly. 

Do not separate from the correctness. Live thinking of all goodness and beauty. Allah is Muksit in this way. 

Allah Muksit, Allah Hu.