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Al-Mudhill: The Humiliator

Allah Mudhill Allah Hu.

The esma of Mudhill is the esma that shows that Allah is the degrader of those It has created.

The esma of Mudhill is the esma that will degrade and humiliate those who Allah has created when Allah wishes it. Last week we explained the esma of Mu'izz. These are esmas that are opposites of each other. Mu'izz was the esma that gave honor and elevated the servant, the esma that allowed one to attain an elevation in their character, and the esma of Mudhill is the opposite. We have studied the esma of Khafid, the Abaser, before; this one resembles that one. These are esmas that are used by Allah to train Its servants. Through using Its ability the Creator brings people to balance with this esma, with this name. If we live this beauty and goodness, if we are in beautiful service to people, if we are correct and faithful, if we are sincere and serious, then It will exalt us, and It will make us honored ones. If you are not able to do this, if you think badly of people, if you work badly, if you are always trying to fool people with lies, then It will degrade you, and leave you as a characterless abased one. If we live the rules the that the Creator has brought  us in a beautiful way - and you know that which comes at the head of these: justice, compassion, generosity, service, submission, and ashk, through respect for human beings - when you live with this beauty, then you will be one who is honored, and find your exaltedness. But if you are not able to live with justice, if you have no compassion, if you are one who harbors bad thoughts about people, if you do not help people and are stingy, if instead of humbleness you display arrogance - in other words, if you have all these bad, or ugly, attributes - then It will abase you. Because there is the ayat, the verse, the words of Allah in the Koran, "We have created the human being with beautiful ahlak, morality, but he has fallen to the lowest of the low, of his own accord." Now, what does this mean, "of his own accord, through his own desires"? Instead of living according to the rules and wishes of the Creator, when he lives in a corrupt manner amoung people, then he brings his nafs, his soul, into the lowest level, and fools himself into [ed. deceives himself with] the finite pleasures of this finite world, lives forgetting the beauty and goodness of the Creator, then he will encounter the esma of Mudhill, and fall into abasement.

May Allah make us beautiful human beings.

May It allow us to live this beauty always, so that we can be like the beautiful people, honored ones.