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Al-Hayy: The Everlasting One


Allah Hayy Allah Hu

The esma of Hayy shows the life and aliveness that Ya Allah the Creator has given to all Its creation. The One that is in possession of perfect life is Allah. All aliveness is in Allah.

 Allahu la illaha illa Hu al Hayy al Qayyum.

Allah is Hayy, and Allah is Qayyum.

Allah is alive and living. The eternal life is Allah's. Everything is to return to Him, and the actual life is to be found there. Allah is Hayy, and the servant will see this as being in its place, and will take their precaution. Allah has created everything in its place and beautiful, and given this life, and this life passes. Inside of this life, to make people work, It has given them knowledge, and with this people are acting. The minerals, the plants, the animals - everything that is created - inside of this attribute of life, with the knowledge that Allah has given - are living in a beneficial way. They are living in a way that is beneficial for human kind. Everything that is created is created for service to humankind, and everything has a life. For example, you see that tree? It has life. How do you know this? When it has shed its leaves and is dried up as if it was dead... but when the time comes, the leaves come out green. And It shows Its aliveness. And everything is like this. Look at this moment, at nature everywhere in the world - places that are dead have all come alive, and have become green. And that is why the color of the esma of Hayy is green.

It is with this that Allah has given life. If we know the value of this life, and we live well in the existence of this life, we will gain the eternal life of Allah. Allah has given us eyes, and It sees with this Nur, the divine light of life. Allah has given us breath, it is with this that our life continues. This is existence in the human being, and also in the animal, and also in the minerals that It has created and in the vegetation that It has created. It sees everything; everything feels, and everything lives in the best way for their own life.