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Sufic Haqqu

(c) 2005-2006 by

Hamza Peter Weismiller

Water tastes different
From every source, but the thirst
Is always the same

  What could lie within
The scope of the mystic yet
Beyond the human?
Give me five minutes
Of sensing You keenly as
A dog sniffs clear air

Beloved, once I
Get past posing as lover,
Help me live our Love
Sought my reflection
In a thousand faces, but
It was Yours I found

Worms build soil for a
World of beauty they can't see -
What world do we build?
  Bad odors, but still
Dredge the harbor so Allah's
Vessel can pull in
A fish used to a
Murky pond shudders when it
Reaches a clear pool
  At either side of
This unforked path, desire and
Forgetting beckon
Striving in Moscow,
I forget my gold reserves
In Siberia


 If  you draw sorrow
From your old well, consider
Drilling one deeper
   An oyster seeking
Pearls of wisdom has no need
To look for sandbars
 Immanence: subtle,
Secret as minerals, and
Delicate as flame


 Knife knows only to
Cut, not its long sleep as ore
Nor rust's slow embrace

   Always easiest
To look at myself in the
Mirror I've fogged up
 Two banquets, same hour:
May I understand just how
To attend them both
   Enjoy the garden,
Even if you wish the birds
Behaved differently
 Drink down yesterday's
Tears from your wineglass, and then
Bring it to the Feast

   Jemal and Jelal:
Each an empty cup meant to
Hold the other's wine
 A bed and adab
Fulfill their purpose only
When horizontal
   Give generously
From your well, or prepare to
Defend your desert
May unlearning be
The loyal vizier who checks
My royal I-ness

May learning be the
Royal road that leads me to
My hidden Thy-ness
   Allah pumps my heart,
Allah breathes me; I only
Take all the credit

 Ocean thinks it's the
Sands that separate it from
All of the heavens


 Beautiful tasbih:
Pray humbly; humble tasbih:
Pray beautifully

Prayer: I cast a
Touchstone into the pond, and
Ripples reach the sea
 Better a speck on
Allah's robe than a flower
On Shaitan's lapel
   Wanting to forgive
The unforgivable, I
First forgive myself
 Abundance of self
To abundance of heart: the
Greater Conversion
   My loneliness, your
Loneliness: the shunned mirror
That shows us Allah
 Allah is always
Generous in giving us
Training for sainthood
   If you want to stay
Stuck, search for a mirror that
Shows only beauty
 May my ahlak be
Better than my unwashed thoughts
Wearing cleaner clothes
  The nefes emits:
In good adab, please neglect
To hear or smell it 



Judgements: a small price
To pay for a movie that
I'll regret seeing

Judgement promises
Openings, but restricts me
To what I can see

Judging, I take on
Allah's work, thus becoming
Only too human

When I find someone
Guilty in my court, Allah
Dismisses the case
   Best not to pray like
A thief knocking on the door
Of an empty house
 Enlightenment: I
Can smell its roses blooming
Just beyond that wall
   Developing your
Understanding of wine won't
Help you to drink it
Music: a loving
Anointing of the silence
That surely will come

Between candle and
Flame, the wick; between body
And Allah, the nafs


Self-effacement, when
Not used as an antidote,
Can be a poison

Stitch your patchwork robe
With the black needle of haq,
The red thread of ashk

Just as we smile with
The child drumming out of time,
Angels smile with us
Flowers don't adjust
Their scent to each visitor:
A perfect ahlak

Each moth approaches
The candle with its own dream,
Its own intentions
Best not to assume
Allah's water flows only
From the taps you know

Muhasebe: I
Invite demons and angels
To sit down to tea


When I try to show
You my discernment, I show
Us my unknowing;

When I try to show
My commitment, I display
My limitations.

May I seek to show
You nothing, so that we may
See all things revealed

(c) 2005-2006 by
Hamza Peter Weismiller

Our beloved dost Hamza left us last January, but he is in our hearts always.

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahīm
Elhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alemin,
ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,
maliki yawmiddin,
iyyake nabudu ve iyyake nasta-in,
ihdinas sirat ul-mustakim
sirat al-lezine enamte aleyhim,
gayril magdubi aleyhim veled daalin.