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Al-Ghani: The Rich

Allah Ghani Allah Hu

The esma of Ghani is one of the attributes that shows the richness of Allah. This attribute of richness is completely and certainly of Allah. The power inside of this attribute is the attribute that creates richness. It has no need of anything; everything that is created has need of Him. In one of His ayats in the Qu'ran, Allah says, I am the richness of the worlds I have created. Everything that is created is dependent on me, He says. And in another ayat He says, I am the rich one; everything that I have created is fakir, is poor.

Here the  poorness means the one who has need, and our need is completely for Allah's richness. The richness of a person is in passing. No matter how rich they are, they are still dependent, they are still wishing, and nothing stays in their hands. It is only if he asks the help of Allah that he can keep this richness in his hands. And to let this richness be lived, the responsibility, the duty, that Allah has given to people, is generosity. To give your zakat, to give your sadakha, your charity, to help people, and to spend your money on the road of Allah; and as you are doing that you would have been thankful, shukr, of Allah, and the richness that Allah has given you will increase. And one of the spiritual pillars are the ones who are rich, are the ones who do shukr, who are thankful. This is the spiritual pillar of the world. In Tassawuf, in Sufism, these are called the rich ones who are thankful to Allah. To "do shukr" means not just to say it with your tongue, it's to let your thankfulness towards Allah be known through your actions. Here there is sacrifice, there is giving; you have to give love, and get love. You have to give respect, and get respect. As you give this goodness and beauty, then you will get the goodness and beauty, and then you will be as Allah wishes, one of those rich ones who gives thanks.

The esma of Ghani is not like the richness that we know. Inside of this richness there is a creative power. At all times, this power, with the order of "Kun", "Be", is being created. Allah has a treasury that knows no limit, and that is between the Kaf and the Nun. And from this place is always coming the order "Be", and passes this richness on. This is a richness that is so endless! We are all in need of this. We have to know our own poverty, and we have to plead to Allah, that Allah makes us one of those beautiful, rich servants. Richness is not just the richness of money; there is also the richness of goodness and beauty. There is the richness of respectability and character. If Allah has given you this kind of richness, don't become proud. Don't think yourself big. Be aware at all times that you are creat4ed, and understand that you are the one in need, and say to Allah, I am fakir, I am poor. All of the prophets came with this richness. They have shown us the beauty of Allah, and let us know the being of Allah, and they have passed this richness on to us. Even though they were so rich, they didn't say, We are rich. They said, Ya Rabb, you are Ghani, rich, and I am fakir, poor. These were the rich evliyas, these saints, these prophets. They weren't rich in money, they were rich in character, rich in knowledge, they were the rich that were in possession of the endless treasury of Allah. Even though they were in such a state, they said that they were fakir, poor. Hazret-i-Muhammed says in one of his hadiths, I take pride in my poverty. They have always been together with the poor, they ate with the poor, they slept with them, and they never showed themselves to be big in front of them; they always lived with humbleness, and they proved the wealth of Allah.

And we should be so, that Allah who is the wealthy one can be known and seen. That means, I am rich, I am wealthy, I have lots of money, I have a mind, I have my beauty... All of this looks at one spark, at one pimple!

You can be very beautiful, and so in this beauty you're rich, and you say, there is no one more beautiful than me, and you will forget your need of Allah. Allah will give you a sore, or a wound, or you will have an operation, and you will become ugly, and so there, they wealth of beauty ends. You can have the wealth of property, you can have the wealth of money; in one night He can make you poor, in one fire everything can disappear.

So don't forget the wealth of Allah. No matter what kind of wealthy you may be, always feel your need of Allah. And be thankful, have shukr, for your own poverty. We are poor; the one that is wealthy is Allah. As we know our poverty, we will pray, and we will ask for this goodness and beauty from Him, and He will look at how we are living, and then He will offer us this goodness and beauty. The one that is wealthy is Allah. Allah is Ghani, and we are fakir, we are poor, and our poverty is need. We all have need of Him. We are all waiting for His rahmet, compassion. We are waiting for His beauty, and we have need of His ashk, His divine love. Annd when we live with His ashk, we will understand all of our responsibilities, and we will be qul, servants to Allah, and this beauty in our responsibilitiy will bring us closer to Allah.

Allah Ghani Allah Hu