For centuries, the name and service of the sun has not changed, but every day is born with different attributes, and with what are the attributes reflected to us? With the value that we give ourselves, that's how it's reflected to us. We say it's cloudy, we say the sun has been darkened,we pull all kinds of veils before the sun. Now if we look at the details of this, these things being reflected in the sun are born from our inner world.

This weekend we talked a lot about humanity, but we came from a world of light. If we know the value of this light within ourselves, then we'll see how the sun and moon are serving us, how the seasons are serving us. Like in the middle of winter you get summer, and in the middle of summer you get snow. I'm not just talking about here. Everything has changed, all over the world. You see when there's a summer day, and it should be a nice calm summer day, instead you have a storm brewing. Now how does Allah make his decisions to do these kinds of things? By looking at the beauty of the people that he has created, thats how he makes up his mind on these things. We are always saying, however pure your thoughts may be, that is how at peace the people and this world will be.

I had you write something down some time ago, a very expensive medicine. Now I'm going to give you another medicine to write down. Write it down. "Look and Recognize", or "See and Recognize" to add it on to "Wait and See". We are going to explain this. "Look and Recognize". And the third is, "Read and Write". And the next one is, "Listen and Understand". Now, this is very expensive medicine, I don't know how you are going to find it. Now all of the capitalists are creating medication that is the opposite of this. They are not giving us this medication. You take medication, and then you stop recognizing humanity. In order to dull your pain, they dull your mind.

Now this is the summary of everything we've talked about this weekend. If we meditate on these, we will understand how it is to come from that world of light, the realm of light, and to live in this dark tunnel we are in. And so how does this start? It starts with this, wait and see. And then, look and recognize. What are we going to recognize? Everyone knows Allah. If I give each of you a paper and pen, if there are 30 or 40 people here we'll have 30 or 40 descriptions of Allah. So who's looking at who and who's recognizing who? Did you understand this witnessing thing now?

In this ayat (recites) it says, I have faith in the unseen. Why? Because I have witnessed the unseen. Now how can you bear witness to something that is unseen? Can you witness something that is not seen? You go to the court, and if you go tell them you are a witness to something you haven't seen, they'll put you inside for contempt of court. Now how is it that we have born witness to the unseen? Now Allah was known but not seen, so how did we bear witness to It? Did we bear witness by looking up into the sky? You need to not ask me, you need to ask Mevlana Jelalludin Rumi who was bearing witnesses. Was I able to explain myself? I'm sort of covering it as I go. You have to open it up.

Who did he look at and then bear witness to the unseen? Who did he look at and then recognize Allah, and know Allah? So that means that every human being - what is Shams? Shams is the sun. He was the symbolic mirror that came before him. Every human being owns this symbolism. Every human being is a mirror of each other in belief. The Prophet says, the believers are mirrors to each other. That means that every human being has a Shams inside of them. At the beginning of the sohbet I touched on a point, that the sun, though it may rise in the same place every day, rises in a different way every day. We all have our sun inside us, but with which attributes is it rising? Are there clouds before it? Or is there a polar vortex, or a hurricane? Don't look at these things outside, look inside of you, and recognize this inside of you so that you can be your own Shams, and also a Shams to the people around you. Why did Mevlana Jelalludin Rumi call him Shams? Because his murshid before had said, what you need is a divine sun to come to you so that you can go further. And how did Shams come before Mevlana? By confusing him, surprising him. But Rumi recognized him, because he knew how to look, because there was a word that was given to him before, and he became aware that these words were for this situation. And so he looked and he recognized, and as he recognized, he recognized himself, and so the words of the Prophet became realized, when he said, the one who knows his own self knows his Lord.

So to Look, you need to connect to a belief structure very strongly. When a person is left in doubt, then the two eyes see two different things. One sees a person as being flesh and bones. And the other sees that person as the the Nur, light, of Allah. Why do the two eyes see two? Because we are stuck in duality, we're in doubt. What does Allah say at the beginning of the Koran? He says, get away from duality so that this book can be guidance for you. And people are living books. If we can break away from duality, we'll know how to look, and we'll recognize Allah. Where will we recognize Allah? In the reality which is the human being. What do the prophets say here? He said, Whoever has seen me has seen Hakk, has seen the one. And Hallaj al Mansur said the same thing. Now was he a prophet? He came here in nine months and 10 days just like you and me. He was flesh and bones, too. Yunus said, I was woven into flesh and bones and appear now as Yunus. And the other one said, what I'm looking for is underneath my robes. Not these robes - but this body, which is a cage. Now all of them are saying the same thing. So that means that when you connect to a solid form of belief, you start to move away from doubts and dualities, and just like the two eyes see one, you see everything as being one. Then when you look, you recognize everything.