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Allah Fettah Allah Hu

The esma, the Name or attribute of Fettah means to open. In both the spiritual and the material world of a person Allah will surely open everything. We are going to do the tefekkur, the contemplative meditation, of this and insh'Allah, with Allah's permission, I am going to open on the subject of this esma.

The honored Name of Fettah, the Opening, in the Dictionary of the Quran, comes from the root fetih and Fettah is its attribute. It comes from opening and it means the Opener. Opening implies many different meanings. For example, there is opening a box, there is opening a closed door, opening anything that is closed. But the meaning of opening in the Quran is the opening of the heart, the opening of the thoughts and the opening of spiritual goodness and beauty. So the esma of Fettah is announcing this opening. And the meaning in Tasawwuf, in Sufism, is the opening of ilmi ledun, the mystical knowledge in the heart, and to bring it out into the open and to reflect this into daily life. This is the opening of the esma of Fettah amoung people.

This attribute of Allah is working on all of the people of this world. If you know this or you do not know it, this attribute is working inside of you. If we look around us, Allah has opened everything and from every place that he has opened He is showing this beauty and goodness to us. He has hidden nothing from us. He has opened it for us; we have hidden it. And how did we hide it? With the negativity of our thoughts we have hidden this. So if we continue on this esma of Fettah of Allah, if we do the zikr, the remembrance, and the tefekkur, the meditation, of this, then these beauties that Allah has opened for us will open inside of us and we will see this, too.

Now, for example, we are born, we grow up, we have come until these days. Allah has opened countless doors for us. He has opened our rizk, our sustenance, put all of the goodness out into the open and we are living inside of this, that which He has opened for us. If we think of it, we are going to live this whether we are aware of it or not. The only difference is in seeing how these esmas are working and to work with this in mind so we can be close to Allah with these attributes.  If Allah had not opened these beautiful doors for us, we would not have been able to come to these beautiful places today. We did not come to these beautiful places with our minds. Allah has opened these beautiful doors for us through the doors of knowledge in our hearts; He has given us Nur, Divine Light, and keeping this in mind we have lived it in our lives and we have come to these places.

So this is the opening of the esma of Fettah. I am giving these examples so that you can realize that the esma of Fettah is working in us every minute of our lives. If we come to the awareness of this, there is a moment inside of this esma when we can catch that moment, and then we have come to the most holiest of moments of Allah. Allah will create with beauty everything that we wish and give it to us. Another meaning of fetih is to give victory to the people. And where is this victory given to us? When we do the accounting of our nefs, our soul or ego self, when we come out of the badness of our nefs, when we start working towards beauty and goodness, with the help of this esma of Fettah more beautiful doors are opened for us and we become victorious over our nefs.

The Sura al-Fatiha in the Quran has manifested from this esma of Fettah. It has opened. And what has opened? The Sura al-Fatiha has seven ayets, seven verses; it shows the seven makams, seven levels. The Sura al-Fatiha shows the opening of the seven makams of the human being and because this is from the esma of Fettah they have called this Fatiha. It is the sura of salvation. If we recite it often, we will attain the beauty of our nefs. For example, every day we should recite it seven times. We should recite it for ourselves; we should recite it for the spirits of the great ones who came before us. As we recite for their spirits, for their ruhs, beautiful energy will come to us and with the hlpe of this energy our nefs will start to rise from day to day. That is why Sura al-Fatiha comes at the beginning of the Quran. It is not inside of the Quran; it is at the beginning of the Quran, because the Sura al-Fatiha was sent as a present to the Prophet. As we recite this often, then the grudges in us will start to leave, the badness will leave, and peace will begin amound people, love will begin. Then both will the person himself be saved and so will humanity be saved. Then victory will come for humanity. This is how the esma of Fettah is working in the world.

Know, learn this, memorize this esma of Fettah very well and when stress comes to your heart recite the esma of Fettah. Say Allah Fettah, Allah Hu so that with the offering of Allah, with the kudret, power, of Allah, doors will open. The only One Who is saving us from this difficulty, the One Who opens these beautiful doors, is Allah. If we take refuge in Him with this esma of Fettah, He will save us in the most difficult of days and will allow us ease in our lives.

Allah Fettah Allah Hu.