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Al-Baki: the Everlasting One

Allah Baki, Allah Hu.

The attribute of Baki is one of the 99 esmas of Allah. The attribute of Baki lets us know the endless strength and the eternal nature of the Creator Allah. The being of Allah is a power that has no beginning. His being is eternal and endless. Everything that is created will pass. Everything is finite. Everything will find nothingness. It is only Allah who will remain Baki. In Surah ir-Rahman in the Qurani Kerim, in the 26th and 27th ayets, Allah says: “
All that is on earth Will perish: But will abide (forever) The Face of thy Lord-- Full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour.” According to the commands of this ayet, everything will come to nothing. What will remain eternal is this endless energy that is within Allah, which is working in this life. 

The most valuable being of this energy is the human being. Human beings come and go. They show that they are finite. But if there is a being that does not go and remains Baki, which is the being of Allah; it is the essential body that the human being has gained. The place of gaining it is within this finite life that will pass and go away. Here we are going to learn and here we are going to work, and it is here that we are going to find this beka, this eternal world.

For example, the doctor practices his profession. He dies and goes, and his profession also ends. What part of this remains Baki? It is the service that he has performed for people through his work. If he has gotten the seal of Baki in the work that he has done, then it will not disappear and will live with the attribute of Baki of Allah. For example, one of the poets of Islam, Hazreti Baki, said it in this way: “What remains eternal is the goodness and beauty that you leave behind. You are finite; everything is finite, will come and go, but the work that you leave behind, the beauty that you leave behind for people, will make you continuous and eternal.”

We look at history. So many beautiful people have come and gone, prophets and saints. With the beauty they have left behind they are showing the attribute of Baki of Allah. In the ayet that we have just recited this is what is said. Everything is going to end; what will stay Baki is the face of Allah. This face is the essence of everything that has been created. Do you know where the essence can be seen from? It can be seen from the face, but this face will pass. It is physical. It will disappear and go, but the essence will not disappear. The essence within that being will find the attribute of beka, the eternal, and in Tasawwuf, Sufism, this is called beka billah, to be beka in Allah.

Everything that Allah has created is meant to end, and this attribute of Baki of Allah is not recorded in any kind of time. Time has been created for human beings, and is also a creation. It too will disappear and go. Time is a unit to measure life with. It shows the flow of life. It is with time that people can know themselves, and know what they have done. But in Allah there is no time. His being continuous is not in a way that we understand. We are recorded within a specific time, but for Allah there is no record. When there was no time He existed. He existed when there was no world. When nothing was known He existed. Neither is His beginning nor His end known. For this to be known He created from His own being this universe and these people, and He created time. He created these as finite, which means that they will pass. But this eternal life, this Baki life, can be found inside of the finite life. We have to be careful of what we do. Do not forget that we will all disappear, and do not forget that the goodness and beauty that we do will stay eternally. This is the being of Allah. 

It is here that we are going to find it, here that we are going to gain it, and from here that we are going to take it. This is our responsibility. This is an emanet, a trust that has been given to us. Life is the most valuable creation. We are always saying that people should know the value of this. They should not let their time go to waste. They should not occupy themselves with empty and wasteful words. They should constantly be creating goodness and beauty in their thoughts so that the work they do, the duties they perform, will be beautiful and good. Then the attribute of Baki of Allah can be found. 

It is in this way that the attribute of Baki works in the body. You know that these 99 attributes have been stamped on the human being. They are always working in the human being, but because we are not aware of this, it is opened up and explained to us so that we can come to awareness. By finding the beauty and goodness of these esmas we can go to the new life with this beauty and goodness. Everything passes but nothing is lost because in the esma of Baki of Allah, everything is. If we look back, millions of years ago people came and went. Everything changed, but their energy has not disappeared. This is existence. This is the attribute of Baki. 

Allah Baki Allah Hu.